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The ERDIT Platform will be led by a steering committee composed of experts in the different areas of interest. Working groups will be organized to implement certain actions. The Platform will have minimal administrative services and mainly communicate via a website. Participation is normally done at the members own expense.


Membership is open for organizations and scientists working in the field of radiation imaging and detection. Research institutes, universities, industry and public sector organizations involved in research, development, production and use of radiation detectors are welcome to participate in the Platform. It is necessary that all stakeholders join forces to promote the development in radiation detection and imaging in a coordinated effort. A small member fee will be charged to cover the administration of the Platform.

For further information on managerial matters, contact:

Cinzia Da Via
Christer Frojdh
Val O'Shea val.o'


For further information on specific areas of interest, contact:
Astronomy: Karl-Tasso Knoepfle MPI
Beam Monitoring: Wolfgang Lohmann DESY
Electron Cryo-microscopy: Wasi Faruqi Cambridge
Fusion Facilities: Duarte Borba EFDA-JET
Hadron Therapy: Bernd Voss GSI
High Energy Physics: Ariella Cattai CERN, Hans Gunther Moser MPI
High Z Materials: Michael Fiederle Freiburg
Medical Imaging: Alberto Del Guerra Pisa University, Thilo Michel Erlangen, Nicola Belcari Pisa University, Katia Parodi LMU Munich
Neutron Sources: Richard Hall-Wilton ESS
Nuclear Physics: Yacouba Diawara IAEA
Enviromental Radiation Monitoring: Ulrich Stöhlker BFS
Synchrotron Applications: Heinz Graafsma DESY